About Us

We are a young start up company from Helsinki Finland that is backed by investors from Finland, Germany and Norway.

Finland Entertainment Productions is a dynamic and innovative company that operates across various sectors of the entertainment and self-improvement industries. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences through multiple avenues of creative expression and personal growth.

As a record company, we are dedicated to discover and promote musical talent. We focus on producing high-quality music that resonates with diverse audiences, ensuring that artists have the resources and support they need to succeed in a competitive industry. Our commitment to excellence in music production helps artists reach their full potential while delivering outstanding auditory experiences to listeners worldwide.

We are looking for new artists and bands regardless of the genre. As a Record Company we are paying high royalties to our artists. Every signing and every released is treated with special care tailormade for the individual needs of the Artist or Band. We do not necessarily always release the music of our artists in streaming services. This will always be directly negotiated with the artist.

In our role as a concert booking agency, Finland Entertainment Productions organizes and manages live performances worldwide ensuring that each event is a unique and memorable experience. By handling all aspects of concert logistics, from booking venues to coordinating with artists, we create seamless events that connect musicians with their fans in meaningful ways. We have Worldwide contacts to book tours and concerts.

The company’s dedication to personal development and well-being is evident in our coming selection of books of self-help and spiritual literature. By making these resources accessible, we empower people to embark on journeys of self-discovery and growth.

In addition to our work with literature, Finland Entertainment Productions organizes lecture tours. These events are designed to educate and inspire audiences, covering a broad spectrum of topics that promote intellectual and personal development. By facilitating these engaging discussions, the company fosters a culture of continuous learning and reflection.

Moreover, Finland Entertainment Productions produces musicals, combining the elements of storytelling, music, and performance to create captivating theatrical experiences. Our productions bring together talented artists and creative professionals to deliver shows that entertain, inspire, and leave a lasting impact on audiences.